AS /A2 Level Chemistry

Exam Board


Entry Requirements

Students require a minimum of 5 A* - B grades at GCSE, including a B grade or above in English and Mathematics and Science.

Course Outline

This specification has been tailor made to follow on from GCSE Chemistry. It will offer an advanced insight into chemical processes, experimentation and procedures.

AS level Units:

Unit 1: Foundation Chemistry
Unit 2: Chemistry in Action
Unit 3: Investigative and practical skills in AS Chemistry

Assessment (AS Level): 

Unit 1: 1 hour 15 minute examination
Unit 2: 1 hour 45 minute examination
Unit 3: Externally marked practical assignment

Into the future …

This is a versatile qualification that can be applied to several further education courses. It is particularly useful for those who wish to progress to careers in:
·         Medicine
·         Dentistry
·         Pharmacy
·         Forensics
·         Health care
·         Optometry
·         Law
·         Pharmaceuticals
·         Engineering